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The Rose Line

The Roseline is a source of pulsating telluric energy. The ancients marked its location and applied it to function as the original global time meridian. The associated telergic channel was used as a communications medium to contact the spiritual essence of deceased souls. The Roseline energy was both respected and honoured by our ancestors. They had the understanding and knowledge to harness the earth current to supercharge the growth rate of their seeds while giving them a disease resistant edge that resulted in record harvests and the minimum need for fertiliser. One of Mother Earth's Ancient Mysteries that circles the Globe. Viewed from a satellite the line follows consecutive modern and historical sacred sites, like beads on a rosary. In Scotland, the preferential distribution of land along the Roseline to senior clans, especially those with Royal bloodlines reinforces the notion of a lost policy of preferential ascendancy. The Roseline is an invisible, mysterious primitive, adhesive that bonds together the faith and guiding principles considered prudent, or advantageous towards the well-being of those involved in its secrets.

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Our demarcating start and end point is located at what was the outer edge of the powerful Roman Empire, that once stretched from the Holy Land to Scotland during the time of Christ and the creation of Christianity.

A large Terminal stone marks a distinguished spot that predates even the Romans' constraining influence. A place where the Celtic community held their Beltane shamanistic fertility festivals in affinity with Mother Earth and their god, Mabon, who the Celts dedicated to the precession of the equinoxes. The Stone stands testament to a forgotten site that past generations regarded as an energy accumulative point, where ritualistic sacrifice was performed. A gathering place where people could exchange drugs and reduce their minds with psychoactive substances to induce hallucinogenic experiences. Often dreams and visions of serpents would arise in the minds of those partaking and the skilful shamans could interpret the language of the serpents and utilise their services to find cures and remedies for disease. Every culture has their own version of the shamanic witch-doctor theme and our modern medicine is fundamentally based on the esoteric hermetic alchemy of shamanic encounters. We use their ancient medicinal remedies to treat today's sick and we adopt their ancient signs and symbols to advertise today's modern healing profession.

The Mabon/Maben stone lies on the North bank of the Solway Firth, near Gretna, on the Scottish side of Hadrian's Wall.

A generation or so after the crucifixion and at the peak of the expansion of the Roman Empire, the voracious and insatiable Roman army under Emperor Domitian (81-96) rose to power after his elder brother Titus died in A.D. 81. Prior to becoming emperor, Titus had gained a reputation as a military commander in the Holy Land, serving under his father in Judea during the First Jewish-Roman War, which was fought between A.D. 67 and 70.

Around A.D. 83, Domitian was determined to bring the whole of Britain under Roman control and set out to target the outer reaches of the northern British mainland and further extend his vast empire. A handful of disharmonious and poorly equipped Picts were no match, at the time, for the world's elite fighting force. Southern Scotland was quickly macerated, leaving pockets of persistent guerilla resistance, mainly in the forests. The remaining dejected Southern Scottish tribes conformed quickly to the persecuting oppressors, yielded to the dictatorial Roman authorities and contributed to the Roman usury.

A mere formality was envisaged to ease into the Highlands and complete the rout in their ineffective enemy's remaining territory. An area that was the heart and soul of the Pictish-Caledonian clans claiming to be the heritable heirs of a proud unbroken royal bloodline. This was affirmed later by Robert the Bruce's declamatory speech at Arbroath, composed by Bernard De Linton and rendered from The Isle of Man Chronicle's in 1320, which made suggestive claims that Scots ancestry took them back to Egypt and the Exodus from the Holy Land. The formidable Romans never conquered the rest of Scotland, in fact a humiliating retreat behind the Hadrian and Antonine walls left successive Roman emperors with a grudging respect for their neighbours' proud heritage. Many speculate on why the Caledonian military campaigns were abandoned and heated disputes rage on the enigmatic mystery of the lost 9th legion, reputed to have marched into Scotland in 117AD with a formidable force of around 4,000 experienced professionals.

Inviting speculation on the theory that divine intervention may have been what interrupted the advance of the ruthless, conquering regime.......

Rosemary Sutcliff's enlightening, yet creepy book, Eagle of the Ninth, has enriched generations of Scots children, who have grown up with the ghostly concept of the lost Roman 9th legion marching eternally in the wilderness of the Scottish mountains. This idea has recently resurfaced with the dramatic film release of two adaptations coinciding with the Pope's "visit to Scotland" in the year 2010 XMM-MMX 2010. Bemused writer, William Esposo comments on the bewildering events.....

...." The Scots successfully resisted Roman conquest. Two Roman legions, sent as an advance column to Scotland, vanished without a trace – no bones, no armour, no signs of battle to suggest what became of them. The mighty Romans lost their nerve and zest for conquering Scotland and instead built Hadrian’s Wall; running across 73 miles of open country to separate Romans from the barbarians"

Perthshire's name at the time of William Wallace, the famous Scottish freedom fighter, was "Johnstone". Local historical writer, Archie McKerracher, of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, has researched the unlucky Ninth Legion, and claims to have witnessed, along with many others, an impressive array of articulated accounts of apparition, sounds of marching and even the smell of leather, accompanying this strange Johnstone-Perthshire, Roman army phenomenon. McKerracher states that the ghost legion manifestation occurs on a specific date in September. Testaments focus on the area of the large Roman Fort at Ardoch and on the Roman road leading to the Roman camp at Dunblane. Constitutionally, this area of the Scots Kingdom was considered sacred. Dunblane's adjacent valley adopts the name of Gleneagles, which today is famous for its championship golf course and the luxurious Gleneagles Hotel. The Glen of Eagles was considered at the time of Jesus to be the home of the Scots church. The gaelic word for temple-church is eaglais. Through the passage of time, this misapprehension has been misread. Johnstone-Perthshire retrieves this misleading representation within the county's insignia, the double headed eagle. One married single body with conjoined, twin heads - the graphic home of the Temple. Local Perth football team, Saint Johnstone, reunite the double-headed eagle with a lamb holding a Christian banner on their club's crest. The messenger flag carrier symbol can also be found on St John's Kirk, a church dedicated to St John the Baptist. As a consequence of this church, the town was once known as St John's Town and this is the source of the football club's name. It is from here the anomaly of Saint Johnstone's tippet or ribbon takes its name, it is the local phrase given to the Hangman's rope during the 18th centuary, the tippet takes the shape of the ankh the egyptian symbol of life and reincarnation, reflecting the masonic 3rd degree tow ritual, befitting the point as there is no degree in Freemasonry higher than that of the 3rd degree Master Mason (MM).

The eagle in turn is of great significance as it is the embracing representational substitute for Saint John, "The Beloved Disciple". Attributes attuned to this demure Saint include, the Grail book, a serpent in a chalice, the cauldron and water bearer (which has hidden Aquarius/Mother Earth axis out of kilter tipping embroiling Revelations, "Harvest of the Earth" prophecy), and, of course, the (12:14 Revelations) eagle, majestically gracing the Great American Seal and imprisoned on the alchemy power of the "World's Favourite Currency", the dollar. The ultimate metaphor of Moses' sin simulation.

Ardoch, near Crieff, is the gateway to the Highlands. Crieff is derived from the old Scots word, "criffens", a suitable entreaty, used in prayer to ask for divine favours, it means, "Christ defend us". The plan comes to light as Crieff is strategically placed for a specified offensive towards the Scots-Picts principal ancient valley of Kings in Glen Lyon-Lion. This valley whispers a number of biblical secrets, indeed the two national flags of Scotland's orgins are intertwined within the history and location of this patriotic home of the Scots. X has several meanings related to universal love, together with Jesus and Magdalene identity symbols, as disclosed within the Roseline pages. X is also the symbol of the Saint Andrews flag. X marks the spot. In the sacred valley in the Heart of Scotland in the Glen of Lyon-lion. The Glen's principal town is Aberfeldy, which directs us towards the second Scottish national flag, the "Lion Rampant". The lion flag was used by many Kings of Scotland, including William the Lion who reigned as King of Scots from 1165 to 1214.

Ponderous politics with in the bible miscarry the unaccounted home of Pontius Pilate, Archie McKerracher and Barry Dunford amongst others bid our focus of attentions to the fact that Pontius Pilate, was indeed a born Scot himself, his home being Fortingall with in the Glenlyon valley. If this revelation is authentic it puts a different angle on the presumed understanding of events that lead to the crucifixion.

Insight to a bewildering collusion bye a number of leading performers, is supported bye Catherine Van Dyke's explanation evidence that Pilate owned his fellow patriot a phenomenal favour, Van Dyke states Pilate's wife successfully sought Jesus' aid to heal the crippled foot of her son Pilo.In the New Testament, the only reference to Pilate's wife Claudia exists in a single sentence by Matthew. According to the Matthew 27:19, she sent a message to her husband asking him not to condemn Jesus Christ to death:

While Pilate was sitting in the judgment hall, his wife sent him a message: "Have nothing to do with that innocent man, because in a dream last night, I suffered much on account of him".

On the face of it, we are sold a dummy. Pilate, was secretly in the services of the Holy Order Master Plan. Matthew states Pilate did not heed his wife's warning? If that was so why did Matthew even go to the bother of informing us? The truth being Claudia and Pontius debt of healing shaped the events of the sham fiction shame on the cross,the double-cross trick left the Exit clear for the Holy party to make there escape under the Roman employment cornish tin trader Joseph of Arimathea, the perfect undercover alibi, whom had his ship waiting at Tyre for the now hunted party.

One question remains unanswered if Jesus was not on the cross whom had to bear the brutality of our Sins? Da Vinci's Last supper interpretation of events explodes the phoney official approved version, as we move forward in time it is our turn to be in the dock seat in the great judgment hall, Pilate understood what was at stake here the inquest tested his moral integrity that questioned his shared allegiances, in fervent desperation to be exonerated, Pilate detached himself from the prosecution charges and in a cunning reversal of liability, the burden of guilt rested on the shoulders of the melodramatic Jews, they had the option to free the saviour, which absolved Pilate from all the blame! Turn the clock forward around 1900 years and old scores still provoke feelings of intense hatred and anger, tyrant leader Hitler incited with animosity aroused his nation towards a feeling of action and revenge, a estimated number of 6 million innocent Jews where killed during the Holocaust. Hitler's secret mission was deemed to be vengeance, for the Jew's role in the crucifixion, his sadistic mind professed himself as Jesus "numero uno" avenger.

Now here lies the true, "Kingdom of the Lion" story. Within Judaism, the Biblical Judah is the original name of the Tribe of Judah - traditionally symbolised by a rampant lion. In Genesis, the patriarch, Jacob ("Israel"), refers to his son, Judah, as a "Young Lion" (Genesis 49:9) when blessing him. It is from here we can trace the word, "Jacobite", a follower of Jacobitism, the political movement dedicated to return the Stuart kings to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. They were God's heirs to Jacob's Stone of Destiny, the gateway of the seven step ladder of the soul's JOURNEY toward heaven. The stone came to Scotland, via Ireland, by custody of "Daughter of the Pharaoh, Princess Scotia". In Christian tradition, the Rampant Lion of Judah represents Jesus.

The phrase appears in the New Testament, Book of Revelation 5:5; "And one of the elders said to me. Do not Weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals".

McKerracher claims the Earth's magnetic field can retain the memory of an "emotional or violent event" that recurs and haunts the area with generated wavelengths of electromagnetic energy bearing a resemblance towards a persistent "Philadelphia Experiment" bad dream.

The shock of the lost legions spurred the Roman generals to hastily erect the wall, which was completed around 122 A.D. Four years after the dumbfounding disappearance. Emperor Hadrian's troubled conscience had eaten away at him and, searching for answers, he had visited Scotland on the elusive trail of the vanished Legion and to consult his generals and weigh up his options. Consequently the Romans abandoned their impressive infrastructure of forts, houses, roads, bridges, aqueducts and sewers in Southern Scotland and retreated to the Scottish Border at Gretna. in the South West. The Wall stretched along the Border towards the Roman fort at Segedunum, modern-day Wallsend. Hadrian's Wall now marked the new Northern Boundary.

Stumbling Roman Emperor Hadrian, with his own genetic royal divine line traced back to Troy, may now have suspected he had been out-trumped with a Divine Royal Flush with other evacuates of Troy fleeing to Scotland, uniting the two countries with a number of eminent ancestors. Explanatory affirmation may be sought to a certain extent when we review the wording found in the Declaration of Arbroath, "They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules." With Rome being on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and a major trading partner with the early tin traders from "Britin", we can understand what the excommunicated King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, Earl of Carrick was implying when reflecting on his own country's bloodlines.

The missing Legion sent shock waves reverberating around the Empire, the air was rife for change.

On return to Rome the shaken Emperor Hadrian contemplated the severity of the message. His own contentious sexual perversions would haunt the fragile mind of the concerned leader, recalling the cursed fate of Sodom and Gomorrah cities destroyed under the wrath of God for their repugnant sexual transgressions. Hadrian transformed his character and set out on a new mission to appreciate and appease the Gods, which alone leads to further insight into Hadrian's mental state at the time. With the wall near completion, focus turned, in 121 A.D. and under strict designs drafted by Hadrian himself, to the construction of the Temple of Venus. This spectacular building was the largest known temple in Ancient Rome. Located at the far east side of the Forum Romanum near the Colosseum. It was dedicated to the goddesses, "Venus Felix" the Bringer of Good Fortune, and "Roma Aeterna" Eternal Rome. It was officially inaugurated by Hadrian in 135, and finished in 141 under Antoninus Pius, thus making Hadrian's Scottish legacy complete, embracing and resounding the Divine Feminine energy within the daily lives of the Romans. Embarking to clear the pathway for his fellow future leaders. I fear this message was lost somewhere in the dogmatic controversy of power, control and fear along the transit road of time.

A humiliating retreat that, subsequently, led to the advancement of the Christian Faith in Rome and Romans adopting Vaticanism, a system of theology and ecclesiastical government based on absolute papal authority.

Ronald Mellor writes, "The name 'Roma' stretches from classical Greece to Mussolini's Fascist propaganda... Roma has been seen as a goddess, a whore, a near-saint, and as the symbol of civilisation itself. She remains the oldest continuous political-religious symbol in Western civilisation". The light bulb is switched on when viewing the regression parallelism, indoctrinated within the ancient school of Roman thought that equates the confusing Goddess with the misconceived fallacy of being a sinful prostitute.

Rosemary Sutcliff's novel, "The Eagle of the Ninth", was not her only work. She immersed her talents in a trilogy of King Arthur and Grail tales, tantalisingly giving us the notion that this gifted paranormal writer believed there was a strong concealed enigmatic perspective that blended these two provocative Christian stories together. As the predictions of Revelations come to prominence, some may view the premiere of "The Eagle of the Ninth" in 2010 as a precognitive prelude that leads us on towards 2012 and the journey's end that brings the predestined doomsday checker flag Rider of the White Horse. Which incidentally, by fluke of chance or gifted spiritual second-sight, inner-eye wisdom is the name given to another of Rosemary Sutcliff's books.

The End brings transmission parallelisms with Magdalene and Troy's Cassandra. Laura Filton writes.... "Ancient Troy mistook Cassandra as a raving lunatic. She has always been shown in paintings with her long hair flying around her shoulders in what has been considered lunatic fashion, scantily clad, and helpless on her knees in the face of her predicted doom". Cassandra's beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy. Legend suggests that she spent a night at Apollo's temple, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears so clean that she was able to hear the future. Cassandra lamented about the arrival of a set of articulated eclipses, within Apollo's kingdom, that would signal the arrival of the great destruction. 'Revelations' reminds us of anticipated events, giving us the anxious warning with the use of the word Apocalypse, itself taken from the words Apollo's-eclipse's! Apollo being the God of Sun and devastation that would bring ruin to the Hittite outpost of Troy. Cassandra's destitute legacy with end events is predestined with the belated arrival to prominence of Magdalene.

Inspirational favoured scenes influenced a number of famous Renaissance painters. Giving telling portrayal of Magdalene as the prophetess and penitent sinner. Seen on her knees, wiping her husband's feet with her exaggerated, Cassandra-like locks of long hair, often pictured exposed and near naked, evoking her forthcoming eminence and acceptance as the "Wife of the Lamb", who brings the demise sound from the "Bell Tower" that signals the cataclysm deluge and the "End of an Age".

Matthew (whose name means 'Teacher'), intimates in 13:13, the time of the concealed 12.00-o-clock zenith that interlaces with the Goddess and serpent coiled around God's formal line of measured limit in the Ominous Double misfortune parable Black number date of 13;13 ..... "Though hearing, they do not hear or understand".

Now that the mystery of the pursued grail trail has indicated to us, by the factional Da Vinci Code and a flood of other cumulative evidence, that Scotland is the epicentre point to focus our attention as the confirmed destination of the hunted Friday the 13th, Widow of Zion, dressed in Black, finding refuge and protection with her own tribe in Argyle's Kin of Tyre-Kintyre! But, be wary, the worship of the High Priestess quest to prominence will be short-lived. Her marked eminence to the belated marriage Altar signals the motive of initiated events in Revelations that seals our concluding destiny as the River-Water of Life Ends the Age, just as it started in Genesis 606.

Consider again, Summer 2009, an unprecedented turn of events - 3 eclipses, the middle eclipse falling on the Goddess date of the 22 of July 2009. The consequences of this Sun-Moon pi date initiation alignment were graphically illustrated in a handful of Scottish-Pictish stones by our ancestors. Who informed and instructed us to be aware of the seed eclipse that impregnates the Goddess(moon). Thus activating a new dual balanced energy, endorsed by the Serpent who helps and communicates with humanity and now tells no lies, seeking God's approval, to re-enter the original 13 signs of the Zodiac. A favourable key hole time window will follow that will revolutionise our concept of truth and expose the darkest secrets of the Piscean (French use the word Poison) age that a partisan, malignant, masculine society had to offer. In our soul's reincarnation procession of learning, our degrees of completion of the course now firmly implanted in our psychological mind sideboard. We move on to the next step on Jacob's ladder and the next phase of our soul's school of development, signalling the twilight and end of the dark, destitute, cold-blooded, male and female fish swimming in opposite directions Piscean age. This symbol itself reflecting the main event of Jesus' and Mary Magdalene's perceived isolation.

The name of the god Terminus was the Latin word for a boundary stone. Siculus Flaccus (yes, really!), a writer on land surveying, records the ritual by which the stone was sanctified. The bones, ashes and blood of a sacrificial victim, along with corn, honeycombs and wine, were placed into a hole at a point where estates converged, on the telluric line. "Fire Upon the Brimstone" would be acted out, in dedication to God's providence.

Fire and brimstone is a pejorative term used to describe a motif in Christian preaching which uses vivid descriptions of judgement, and the damnation to Hell of sinners to encourage repentance out of fear of divine wrath and punishment.

In fear of God's wrath, an annual festival called the Terminalia was celebrated in Terminus' honour on February 23. This involved practices which can be regarded as a reflection of "yearly renewal" of this ritual. Neighbouring families would garland their respective sides of the marker and make offerings to Terminus at an altar – Ovid identifies these, again, as honeycomb, corn and wine equivalent in interchangeable value to pollination, seed and sanguine. Later the practice of killing an enemy captive or slave as a sacrifice was replaced by the sacrificial lamb. The Altar-stone marker itself would be drenched in the blood of a sacrificed lamb.

The high altar in the church symbolises Christ, What this means is that Jesus gave himself as our sacrifice once for all on the altar of the cross. He became our Passover lamb.

The Roseline's transcendental intersection cuts vertically across the ancient Celtic Kingdoms, including Scotland, Cumbria, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany in France. The Virgin's mother, Anna has incontrovertible links to Celtic blood, this belief is widely held in Brittany, where her memory is received endearingly and the close banded locals affection is ascribed to her past glory. They have assigned the Celtic Queen as their Patron Saint. Later the semi-mythical King Arthur, ruler of the Britons, is persistently linked with Grail nostalgia and confirmed as the invariant common denominator, whose ancestral Celtic bloodlines are the "KEY" to the Grail Odyssey and the monogenistic lines of descent that still lead to the Royal thrones of Scotland, England, Wales and France.

If the line is followed you will find many Temples, Churches and stone circles on the Line. The Rose Line was regarded as the alchemy of transforming to spiritualism. At certain locations the energy is more concentrated, Roslin being one of the most powerful points. Other Ley lines (e.g. Jerusalem to Roslin) will connect at certain “Hot Spots” to create the Ultimate Divine Communication Centre.

The existence of Serpents and Dragons was once universally accepted. As the natural judgement and explanation of this remarkable phenomenon, Ley lines in Wales are also known as Dragon lines. The fundamental belief that is the nucleus of the emphatic festivity period in the far East and China for well-being, health and fertility for the forthcoming year. An honorific Dragon celebration is held by humans in union and thanks for Mother Earth's ontological nature and essence, a time served genesiac custom that goes back to the creation of man-kind.

The energy of the Roseline can be picked up through dowsing. Migrating birds use the energy line as their compass, sensing the direction of the Earth's magnetic field and can often be seen flying on the Ley line in the Roslin area. The Celtic Druids believed that for the Angels, as the representative authority between Heaven and Earth, the relevant materials needed to bridge the worlds were birds wings. When scrutinised closely their magnitude is confirmed, when the Cherubs are in full flight and are on display on GOD's only known material telephone, The Ark of the Covenant. The immortal cyclosis of the Geese was considered sacred to the Druids philosophy. They possessed and expressed GOD's secret LANGUAGE.....

The Knights Templar knew about the Telluric ley line, referring faithfully to it as the "Rose Line" and it was very important in their beliefs. Their Temples were built on Ley Lines and were used to resonate the grid so that the spirit of their etheric bodies could be balanced and developed into a higher frequency. They used the art of Symbology to disguise their beliefs from fear of reprisals.

The Key Stone marks the spot where two Telluric ley lines intersect in the ceiling of Roslin Chapel. The Chapel was founded in 1446 by Sir William Sinclair, grandson of Prince Henry Sinclair. North American maize cobs are ornamented within the sacred M curved arches in the Chapel, pre-dating Christopher Columbus' arrival in America by many years. The Rose being significant, as seen in Western Gothic Architecture, symbolizing the secrets of the Divine feminine. Roslin is the Polish name for flower and Ross is an old Scots term for Red, the color of blood and passion.

The Celts exhibited their invigorated, empathic nature with Mother Earth "Tara" during the Spring fertilisation period known as Beltane the Corn Maiden festival. Revellers would smear themselves with menstrual blood and red clay ochre. Synergetic co-operation in regeneration harmony between Humans and Earth known as "Terr a-Ross".

The act of giving a Red Rose is an eternal symbol of love embraced by all cultures and is seen as the supreme loving gift denoting amorous everlasting attachment.

Others would believe the Rose Line to be the blood line of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.A locum is considered to be a deputy or substitute for a clergyman or doctor. Locus is a area or place where something happens, it is also a used term in maths to set points or lines. Locusts appear throughout the Bible as a symbol of curses or destruction, (see Deuteronomy 28:38-42 or the Book of Joel). John the Baptist's food was locusts and wild honey (Matthew 3:4).



1 (ONE)

The BEGINNING of the gospel about JESUS CHRIST, the son of GOD.

It is written in Isaiah the prophet:

"I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way"

"a voice of one calling in the desert,

Prepare the way for the LORD,

make straight paths for him," (ley lines)


A voice of one calling: "In the desert prepare the way for the Lord; make straight paths in the wilderness a highway home to God. Locus Paenitentiae, is makeing space for penitence, and a given time for repentance. The Unconventional Baptist was viewed initially as the eccentric, he used peculiar methods to relay the message, indeed the tarot card the fool is the equivalent in Spanish representation as El Loco. El Loco is the seventh studio album by American blues rock band ZZ Top, The title means "The Crazy One". Z is the final letter in the English alphabet, it also the 7th semitic letter and the Greek numeral 7 is Zeta, the number 7 conceptualization is force-fed in revelations as a sign that counts down towards the omega, the mediaeval Romans used the letter Z equal to 2000, which we corrrespond to the double millennium the year 2000 A.D. The Tarot word itself derives from R-O-T-A, a anagram Latin word meaning "wheel" with the Extra letter T for the Cross of Tau, the fool's tarot card number is zero the Beginning of the End. Pi time.

Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken."

The 2010 Chilean earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC), rating a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale and lasting 90 seconds. It was strongly perceived in six Chilean regions from Valparaíso Region in the north to Araucanía Region in the south Chile's second largest city, with the ominous title of Concepción-conception experienced some of the strongest earth shaking wake up calls to mankinds inevitable judgemeant destiny.Concepción was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in 1550 it lies north of the Bío-Bío River, at the site which is today known bye locals as Penco, which leads our attention to the mistress of the grail as intrigingly the interpretation of Penco is water which in turn is the root word for the translation of Mar-Mary the instrumental induction towards the initiation of Jesus Christian teachings arising as a direct result when John the Baptist immersed Jesus in the river Jordan, God has many ways to target our attention, the violent vibrations in and around Bio-Bio for most of us out with the area affected do not warrant a secondly consideration, dogged perseverance is a value acknowledged bye many of the Saints and Architects and there hidden symbolic representations,for example M the 13th letter of the alphabet that links with the 13th Scottish symbol of the Saltire navel flag keeps the Saints and Architects blind faith and hope alive for "eyes to be opened", the holy spirit knows the Truth the concept word Bios that is from ancient Greek meaning "life" the creator's bestowing gift of WATER -MAR -MAR(Y) is the epistemological source that is indispensable essence feature that gives us our lifes. A secound Bio interpretation indicates a human life or career biography biopic?

As the reiterated aftershock tremors echo to the world the magnitude of the importance of events that fortify our jolted concentration into impulsive intentions of expectations for many of us,evaluation examination is reverential in awe, when we find that Concepción definition equates to fertilization of the plan! Formal scrutiny of the 8.8 quake number honours the cabbalistic Hebrew gematria number for Jesus that being 888 further summon up mind arousel is presented when we find the Lamb's wife Mary Magdalene's eye -fish catching gematria number equates to the seemingly abstract number of 153 the repetitive knocking of major seismic activity in the region, makes us cast our own minds fishing net in hope of snareing a philosophical opinion, this method of contemplation soon turns to troubled impending anxiety, when we discover,the epicenter of the 8.8 earthquake was offshore from the Maule Region.

Thought provoking Juan Bautista is the main village in the Juan Fernández Islands. It is located on Cumberland Bay on the centre of the north-east coast of Robinson Crusoe Island.It was here that the sailor Alexander Selkirk was marooned in 1704 and lived in solitude for four years and four months.

The island Juan Fernandez was hit by a tsunami on February 27, 2010 after the 8.8 earthquake in Chile. There were 5 people killed in the Islands main town San Juan Batista. The tsunami was about 5m high Much of the village was destroyed by the tsunami. Heroine Martina Maturana (MM Watch Tower of the Flock) alerted her neighbours and saved them from the approaching tsunami. "San Juan Bautista" transpires in English to be the Island's village capital dedicated in memory to the prophet and water plunger forerunner John the Baptist!

The Hospitallers of St. John were set up to establish hospitals to attend the needs of pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. This Order was named after St. John the Baptist, conceded by Jesus to be the renascent soul of Elijah, the messenger who bridged the Old Testament with the New. Founded in 1877, St John's Ambulance is the UK's leading first aid charity. Its premier identifiable image is the motor vehicle Ambulance designed to carry sick or injured people. The analogy name Ambulance is taken from the word Amble which is recognisable for the creators ambling Bio-Water-Mar healing qualities, summarised to perfection by their motto, "Pro Fide Pro Utilitate Hominum", which translates from the Latin as, "For the Faith and In the Service of Humanity"

The triple digit number, 999 is the world's oldest emergency call service and can be used to summon assistance from the U.K's three main emergency services, Police, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance. As the world wakes to the reality of Revelations "Harvest of the Earth", the vertical mirror of Satan's deathly black door number, 666, will impel the righteous seekers to repent their sins in a final last call for redemption. Heartbreaking anguish and despair leads us to the 999 emergency prayer call. In a desperate, crying attempt to save our souls from the "lost sheep" and goats (Sin and Doom of Godless Men), Judgement Day calls will be made to our Saviour, "Lord Son of David have mercy on me", Jesus, who will be called upon in our darkest hour to help the good-hearted reconcile the light, faith and friendship towards God our Heavenly Father and Creator.

John baptised Jesus and others in Jordan's "River of Life" to symbolise a warning of the coming judgement of God and the need for repentance for our sins. The Bio "River of Life" phrase is the philosophic term used by Saint John's final chapter 22, found in Revelations to commence the start-signal of Jesus long foretold and anticipated return.